Clearinghouse Return To Duty
Drivers Can Now Sign Up With a C/TPA – Call Austin Mobile Drug Testing!

Many driver’s find that they can’t get hired because they haven’t taken a return-to-duty test. The Clearinghouse has come up with a solution,  which FMCSA will allow, and the Clearinghouse will accept.

A driver is now able to register with a C/TPA, solely for the purpose of taking a return-to-duty test, and, if the test is negative, having the C/TPA record the date of that return-to-duty test in the Clearinghouse on the driver’s dashboard.

The driver must tell the Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) that he is registered with a C/TPA.  Provide the SAP with the name and contact information of the C/TPA.  The SAP would send the two SAP reports (Initial Report and Follow-up Evaluation Report), along with the follow-up testing plan, to that C/TPA.

When the driver finds a job, the new employer should contact the C/TPA, who will then forward the SAP paperwork, along with a copy of the driver’s negative test result for the return-to-duty test.

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